Post-Op Instructions

Veneer Steps

Veneer Steps .

At Home Whitening – Custom made bleach trays. These will be worn at home for 10-14 days prior to the prep date of the veneers.

In-Office Whitening (Optional) – After the at home whitening is complete. A final boost of whitening will be done in the office to achieve the color of the final veneers

Prep – On the day of the prep, make sure to eat something before the appointment. This day will be long day. You will be very numb for a while, after the numbness wears off you will be a little sore as well.

Smile Check – The follow day after you’ve had your temporary veneers on and numbness is dissolved we will have a follow up. At this quick appointment we make any necessary adjustments you may want to the final veneers.

Deliver – This is the day we get the permanent veneers on! Again, please eat something beforehand as you will be getting numb again! After we all approve of the esthetics (more importantly you!) we will permanently place the veneers.

Guard deliver/After Photos – After two weeks with your new smile we will deliver your costume night guard and take some after photos.

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