Post-Op Instructions

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift Post-Op Instructions .

The procedure has replaced the inadequate height of bone to allow for a placement in your maxillary arch.

The bone that has been grafted is most commonly a combination of freeze-dried bone and/or synthetic bone.

NO nose blowing for the next 4 weeks.
If you need to sniff with your nose that is ok—just no nose blowing.
Anything that causes pressure in your nasal cavity must be avoided.

  • No nose blowing or closed mouth sneezing
  • Do not drink with straws and do not spit.
  • Avoid circumstances that will change air pressure such as flying/scuba diving.
  • Avoid strenuous activity that will result in “bearing down.” In addition, do not blow up balloons, play musical instruments etc.
  • Absolutely no smoking. If necessary, nicotine patches can be used.
  • Do not eat/chew on the side where the surgery was done.

Decongestants such as Zyrtec D or Sudafed will help reduce pressure in the sinuses. You will also be given a prescription for antibiotics. Please take these as directed.

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