Post-Op Instructions

Veneer Smile Check

Veneer Post-Op & Smile Check .

The numbness will wear off in an hour or so, your gums will be sore after. Use the rinse provided to you—either Peridex/Chlorhexidine and/or Synadent. You can rinse with this twice per day, or brush with it usually after every meal and right before bed.

The temporary teeth are mockups of what the veneers are going to look like. We will use these to idealize the shape of the final crowns/veneers. The temporary teeth are for looks only—you should not use them for chewing or biting.

Make sure you are brushing the temporaries really well, focus on brushing right at the gumline where the temporaries are meeting the gum tissue. Brushing WILL NOT hurt the temporaries—it will keep the tissue clean and healthy and make seating the permanent crowns/veneers much easier. The temporaries are all fused together so you will not be able to floss these teeth.

There will be cold and chewing sensitivity on the temporaries. This usually subsides after about a week. The gum tissue will be red and inflamed for a few days. This improves dramatically with good brushing and warm salt water rinses. For the warm salt water rinses use a teaspoon of salt in an 12 oz glass of warm water. You can do this several times a day.

Three days before our final crown/veneer seating appointment start brushing at the gumline using the Peridex/Chlorhexidine rinse. Do this in addition to your normal brushing routine.

After the numbness has worn off you’re going to critique the temps, ignoring the shade/color. The shade and surface luster will be different in the final crowns/veneers due to the difference in material. We are mainly concerned with the shape of the teeth.

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At the next visit we will make all the necessary adjustments, take photos, and a digital scan of your teeth. This is what the lab with use as a template to fabricate the veneers.

Being in the temporaries for 3-4 weeks will require rigorous maintenance. Impeccable oral hygiene will improve the immediate aesthetic of the veneers at the delivery appointment.

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