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At Neighborhood Dental we believe in providing a quality service at a reasonable fee. We are not “In-Network” with any dental insurance companies, but we will file claims on your behalf. We believe in providing care that is needed for patients—not care that is dictated by an insurance company.

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance, your deductible and co-payments are due the day of service. In most cases we will bill your insurance carrier directly for your convenience, but you are always responsible for the full charge of your dental services. We help our patients maximize any insurance benefits they have.

Traditional insurance (indemnity type insurance) does not stipulate where you can go. You can see any dentist and receive the full benefits of the policy. If your benefit plan is a PPO, you will be able to use it in our office. Your benefits may be slightly less than if you went to a dentist on their restricted list of contracted providers. However, you’ll find that your out of pocket expenses are about the same due to our reasonable fees. Our patients choose us because of the quality of care they receive—not because we’re simply a name on an insurance list.

We are committed to serving you in an ethical manner. When we say we work for you, we really mean it.

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