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This patient had 4 veneers placed on his upper front teeth about a year before seeing us. The margins of the veneers are under the gum line and show the resulting leakage, decay and tissue inflammation. The patient was informed of these findings and opted to return to the dentist who had recently done the work. That dentist redid the veneers. We never saw those as they apparently fell off and the patient ended up seeing another dentist who aggressively prepared and placed full crowns on the upper front six teeth and three lower front teeth. Unfortunately, the crowns were placed far under the gum line and the restorations didn’t fit the teeth very well. The tissue bled easily and there was recurrent decay forming again. Periodontal surgery was needed to correct the biologic violation of the tissue and new porcelain crowns were place on the front six teeth with the margins above the gum line. The end result is beautiful restorations with healthy gums. The lower gum tissue is still inflamed, as we have not treated that area yet.