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We hope you like what you see and appreciate the difference Neighborhood Dental provides. We feel our office stands out in terms of being service oriented, to being high tech in all the good ways, to truly caring about you and doing what is right for you when you are ready. But the photos on this page actually show you how we are different. Many believe all dentists are the same and that a crown is a crown. With all due humility, we think the photos of our restorative dentistry will dispel that misconception. Be sure to click on the photos to see them in a larger format. Most dentistry looks "good enough" if it is shown in a tiny photo. Good enough is the enemy of excellent. Excellence creates much happier patients.

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After the old filling and cavities were removed this patient had bonded porcelain veneers and crowns placed. All her teeth were whitened first and the restorative care allowed us to broaden her smile and change the shape of her teeth. read more »

This is a beautiful 71 year old who wanted a nicer smile. She desired natural looking teeth that were not too white. Periodontal surgery was performed to reduce the “gummy smile” and bonded porcelain veneers and crowns were placed. The restorations are placed at or above the gum line. read more »

This patient wanted straighter, longer and whiter teeth. And she didn’t want orthodontics. Her front four teeth had composite fillings that were failing. There was decay on the backside and between her teeth. read more »

This young man was in a traumatic accident. One porcelain crown was placed on a tooth needing root canal treatment and two composite restorations (bonded white fillings) were placed on the adjacent fractured teeth. read more »

Minimal preparation porcelain veneers were placed to straighten, enlarge and whiten the teeth. The bonded porcelain was placed at or above the gum line to maintain over all health. Orthodontics could have straightened the teeth read more »

These are old fillings with recurrent decay under them. We removed the fillings and decay and restored these teeth before they became symptomatic and would have needed root canal treatment and periodontal surgery in order to be saved. Being proactive paid off financially. read more »

Here we have teeth with old amalgam (silver mercury) restorations just starting to break down and decay. Composite fillings were placed in one visit. Attention to detail and not rushing through procedures leads to outstanding results. read more »

It’s not just old amalgam restorations that fail. Here are two teeth with  “white fillings” that have recurrent decay and what commonly happens when a cusp gets undermined by decay. That part of the tooth broke off eating “Wonder Bread.” These teeth were restored with porcelain. read more »

Again, these are old fillings that are failing. What one finds under fillings like this is usually not good in terms of decay and cracks.  But not all old and ugly fillings need to be replaced. Almost all dentistry is elective. That means you have options in how and when to be treated. read more »

This patient had 4 veneers placed on his upper front teeth about a year before seeing us. The margins of the veneers are under the gum line and show the resulting leakage, decay and tissue inflammation. read more »

Choosing a dentist is important. Their skills, postgraduate education, years of practice, equipment, philosophy, ethics, passion and a host of other factors will affect you. We hope our website has been educational and beneficial. To a certain degree your gut feelings come into play; you should be comfortable with your health care providers. We are committed to treating you to the best of our abilities and offering you the same care we would want for ourselves. We are not a dental spa or boutique office. We do plenty of regular stuff; we just do it to the highest level possible.